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Generally, there are two ways to get rid of a mole problem - gassing or trapping.  At Fisher Mole Control we NEVER use gases or poisons.  As traditional mole catchers, we use solely traditional mole catching techniques which involves the use of traps to quickly and humanely dispatch the moles.

Most moles are caught within 24 hours of the traps being set and 99% of the time we can start dealing with your mole problem the very same day that you call us, meaning less damage to your garden!

The Mole Catching Process



1). Following an initial survey of your garden, we locate the active mole runs and strategically place traps in various areas of the moles' complex tunnel network.


2). The following day the traps are checked, dead moles are removed and any new mole activity is duly noted.  The traps are then reset and moved if necessary.


3). A third visit is then carried out within 24 hours to check the traps again. If no further moles have been caught and there is no further activity, full mole control has been achieved.  If there is continued mole activity and we continue to catch, we will carry on trapping in your garden, at no extra cost, until all moles have been caught and activity has ceased.


Fixed Price from just £50 per garden!


Our prices start from just £50 to catch ALL the moles from your garden and remove ALL the mole hills.


Following a site visit (which is free of charge), we will provide you with a FIXED PRICE for the entire job.  We do not charge for each mole we catch, nor do we charge per visit.  We don't charge any call out fees and we don't charge VAT on our prices.


PLUS!!!  We work on a "No Mole - No Fee" basis - If we don't catch all the moles in your garden, we will not charge you a penny!



Our Guarantee




Following the removal of all the moles from your garden, we provide a 7 day guarantee for our mole control services.  Should you notice any further mole activity in your garden for up to 7 days after we have declared your garden "mole free", we will happily return and catch any further moles FREE OF CHARGE.

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